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Joycode MVC System is based on Subtext 2.0 version. It was upgraded to ASP.NET MVC 1.0, and add some new features. It will support the below features:
  • Bing Search service integrated
  • ASP.NET Membership & Windows Live ID Delegate Authentication integrated
  • page-enabled display
  • remove 'story' type from the system
  • Support Tag

you can see the demo of the current version on (Powered by Joycode.MVC Version 0.4).

Introducation of team members
Want to know who we are? You can visit

This project is owned by HongChao Wang(joycode, Kaixinjiuhao), Shuguang Tu(kaneboy) and Junmin Liu (dotey, Baoyu). If you have any suggestions and feedbacks, please let us know (in forum). Thanks. If you found any bug, please fill the forum in, thanks.

博客堂系统使用的是Subtext 2.0版本,目前已经升级到ASP.NET MVC 1.0。而且也将支持以下特性:
  • 集成Bing搜索功能
  • 集成ASP.NET Membership以及Windows Live ID
  • 移除文章类型,合并为随笔类型
  • 支持Tag




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